Develop Retain Improve Value Excellence


TIC can inspire and motivate the most unlikely of people to choose to do the most remarkable things. Find out what participants think about the TIC programme.

It’s a really, really good way of getting your name and face out there so that you can gain opportunities in the future. Because people know who you are, they know what you’re about and they know you’re willing to go that extra mile to try and achieve something that benefits not only yourself but the Company as a whole.

DHL Supply Chain

This gives us a chance to put those ideas out there and they actually get listened to, because you feel a bit ignored on the line. Everybody’s got loads of ideas that can make positive change.

Lear Corporation

It was a completely amazing journey to be on. I’m so glad I got on a team and did it – an absolutely amazing experience and I would like to try it again!


It makes you want to do more. We want to do more than just doing our roles as operators. We want to do more to affect the business and improve our workplace and our prospects.

DHL Supply Chain