Develop Retain Improve Value Excellence


TIC is a strategic and inclusive programme. At its heart, it will drive employee engagement, however it will also impact other areas of your business too, such as innovation, continuous improvement, culture, career development, talent management, retention and your reputation as an employer.

Through our unique and unrivalled TIC-Step process and the voluntary, autonomous nature of the programme, TIC empowers employee development of participants and helps them to make and own positive changes in their work areas. This adds value across the whole organisation by increasing pride in work and increasing motivation. This then acts as a catalyst to increase productivity, efficiency, quality and growth of a continuous improvement mindset that sequentially impacts bottom line performance.

When fully supported TIC has proven to pay for itself many times over, with benefits enjoyed by both the individuals who take part and the business overall, year after year.

“I’m so proud of what we’ve done and I’m proud of the value I have demonstrated to the business.”

TIC provides value through:

Improving your learning culture.

Increasing productivity, performance and efficiency.

Driving innovation.

Fostering career development.

Aiding talent management.

Identifying brand ambassadors.

Bolstering recruitment and retention.